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Have ideas; not opinions. Thinking is better than being smart.

Have ideas.  They’re more important than opinions.  With an idea, you’re open to suggestions.  With an opinion, you’re trying to be right.

It’s more important to think than to be smart.  This is why successful people are always asking questions.  They may not be smart, but they never stop thinking.

Do that; victory will follow.

Can your Ad Model Scale? Probably not.

Can your Ad Model Scale? Probably not.

While looking for a good definition of a scalable business I came across two great articles.

First, from Sacred Cow Dung, a wonderful explanation with killer graphs.

Then, from, a great explanation.  No graphs, but a brilliant quote:

“Many Internet business models didn’t pass basic tests of credibility. For example, sites with pure advertising models are usually unable to answer the most basic question about growth: how big can you get? The reason is that growth is entirely dependent upon increased page views, either by more users, or more pages, offset by declining ad rates.

Both have upper limits and most companies with advertising models have fixed costs exceeding current revenues. When you try to compute how many page views a pure advertising model needs to generate just to cover fixed costs, it is usually baffling.

That’s my emphasis added, but the article makes a great point.  The only way to scale an advertising based model is to increase the number of page views.  This naturally has an upper limit, and that upper limit is probably much more shocking than you realize.  I think we delude ourselves when we hear about someone making ‘millions’ off a blog, and think that’s really a business model.  It’s a hobby, possibly a lucrative one, but a business? Probably not.

Ignite Ann Arbor – a Geek Knowledge Slam

Ignite Ann Arbor   a Geek Knowledge Slam

I went to Ignite Ann Arbor last night.  Ignite is like a cross between a poetry slam and a geek knowledge dump.  Each speaker comes with 20 slides, which advance automatically after 15 seconds, and has 5 minutes to speak.

The topics ranged from “Keeping Things in Balance: Classic Visual Ratios” (an excellent talk which taught me about Fibonacci ratios in web design) to “Real-time NOAA weather satellite imagery reception from home” (which was mind bottling – with a scanner, an antenna and some free software you can grab data from a satellite).

I highly recommend going to an Ignite event, if you have one in your town. Unfortunately the next one in Ann Arbor isn’t for another 4 months, but they’re everywhere. Check out the Ignite website for more details.