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6 entrepreneur tips for surviving and succeeding

This week I was a Curbside Consultant at the Launch of FastTrac to the Future, an entrepreneur development collaboration between TechTown, The Kauffman Foundation and the New Economy InitiativeBizdom has received grants from the New Economy Initiative and Kauffman, so we’re tangentially part of this.

The final event of the day was  a panel on ‘Entrepreneurial War Stories’.  It featured the inimitable Patrick McInnis (CEO of FatHead), Jane Sydlowski (AMI Strategies)and Randal Charlton (former CEO of Asterand).  The stories were great, as were the lessons.  At the end, the moderator asked each of the three for a couple of tips for entrepreneurs to survive and succeed as entrepreneurs.

Pat McInnis

  • Control your control freak
    • relinquish control
    • don’t relinquish accountability
  • Culture matters
    • you create a motivated workforce when you focus on people and help them achieve their dreams

Randal Charlton

  • Money will be tight

    • but get going on the least amount of money you can
  • Leverage existing resources

    • there’s much more in place around you than you realize

Jane Sydlowski

  • Consider ‘No’ a ‘Yes’

    • you’ll experience more ‘no’s’ than you know
    • don’t accept ‘no’
  • Show up for yourself

    • network
    • share your story with pride

Great tips one and all.